Guidelines for the Open Division

The Open Division is offered to coaches who have a preformed team and would like to keep the team playing together. This division is a competitive division with more highly skilled players. We do not have a playing time rule in this division; it is strictly up to the coaches.  All coaches must complete the Open Division Coaches Contract Form and turn in to the league.

Open Division Coaches Contract Form

To register your team you will need to fill out the open league roster form and make sure you have all parent signatures.  Send it in with your team payment   to WSBL.  If you have multiple teams or you are a returning team contact WSBL for a special team discount.  The league fees are as follows:  Fall 2017 and Summer 2018 the team fee is $675 a team.  For the Winter 2017-2018  and Spring 2018 league the fee is $875 per team.  Fall and Summer play a 6 game season plus a post season tournament and the Winter and Spring season plays a 8 game season plus a top final four post season tournament.

All players must be in the same team jersey with a number.

Open League Roster Form

**Once a player signs up for the recreation division and is placed on a recreation team they are ineligible to play on an Open Division Team.**


Coaches who condone or display un-sportsmanlike behaviors from their team members or parents will not be allowed to coach. Profanity is unacceptable. Encouraging rough play is also unacceptable. The behaviors that you, your parents, and your players exhibit reflect either positively or negatively on you and WSBL-Sunshine Youth Basketball. The league will not have coaches who do not act as positive roll models and exhibit strong leadership skills. At every practice and game, parents and other members of the community will observe your demeanor and behaviors. Consequences for un- sportsmanship behavior are as follows:

1. Suspension for a game.

2. If problem occurs again, suspended for the remainder of the season.

3. Review incident and discuss steps needed to be taken to be re-instated into the league.

Technical Fouls on players: A technical foul called on a player is both a personal and a team foul. A player may be ejected from a game at any time that is deemed necessary by an official. This includes before, during, or after a game. A player that is ejected from a game must sit out the next game. The official’s decision is final. There are no appeals or protests. Continuing problems involving a player will result in suspension from the league and forfeiture of the league registration fee.


Technical Fouls on coaches: If a coach on the bench receives a technical foul, he must sit down. If a second technical foul is called on the coach, he will be ejected from the game and an assistant or a parent must coach the team. Any coach that is ejected will be suspended from coaching for the next scheduled game. (An ejection from the gym is entirely at the official or site director’s discretion. Failure to cooperate will result in the loss of coaching responsibilities.)

Un-sportsmanlike Parents/Friends: Any parent or friend of a player that is asked to leave a facility by an official or site director due to poor behavior, and refuse to do so, will forfeit their child’s registration fee and not be permitted to continue as a member of the Winter Springs Basketball League. A coach or an assistant coach should always intervene if one of your parents or friend(s) of a player is acting in an inappropriate manner. A child or player should not be embarrassed or penalized for the behaviors of his/her parent or friend, but the Winter Springs Basketball League will not tolerate parents or friends of players that are uncooperative with the authorities that are placed in charge of the facilities.



AGES 8/9 AND UNDER:  Two sixteen(16) minute halves, running clock.  The clock will stop at 2:00 in each half on every referee whistle.  Pressing is not allowed except for the final 2:00 minutes of each half.  Defense is man to man or zone defense.  If there is a 20 point lead, pressing is not allowed.  If there is a 25 point lead the defense must drop behind the 3 point line. Four timeouts per game used at any time.

Ages 10 And Under:  Two twenty (20) minute halves, running clock.  The clock will stop at 2:00 in each half on every referee whistle.  Pressing is  allowed.  Defense is man to man or zone defense.  If there is a 20 point lead, pressing is not allowed.  If there is a 25 point lead the defense must drop behind the 3 point line.  Four timeouts per game used at any time.

Ages 12U,14U and High School Division:  Two twenty (20) minute halves, running clock.  The clock will stop at 2:00 in each half on every referee whistle.  Pressing is  allowed.  Defense is man to man or zone defense.  If there is a 20 point lead, pressing is not allowed.   Four timeouts per game used at any time.



Starting with the fall league in September 2017 players must meet the age requirement on September 1st, 2017.  This age requirement is in effect for the following seasons: Fall 2017, Winter 2017-2018, Spring 2018 and Summer 2018.

**  8 & Under:  As of September 1,2017

**  10 & Under: As of September 1, 2017

**  11 & Under:  As of September 1, 2017

**  12 & Under:  As of September 1, 2017

**  14 & Under: As of September 1, 2017

**Coaches are required to carry with them a copy of every players birth certificate.  If a players age comes into question, A copy of players  birth certificate MUST be presented to a WSBL staff member for verification.   If the coach does not have a copy of the birth certificate  the player CANNOT play. No Exceptions!!**

Players CANNOT play on two teams in the same division.  For example player A cannot play on Team 1 and Team 2 in the 12U division.  Players are allowed only on one roster per division.  A player can play on a team in their age division and if they are talented enough they can also play up  in the next higher division.  For example a 6th grader can play in the 12U division and also play in the 14U grade division.

** High School Open Boys Division will be divided into two divisions and must have an adult coach present at each practice and game. Failure to have the coach at a game will result in a forfeit. There will be no exceptions.  If we do not have enough teams in each division we will then combine the high school into one division.

**9th & 10th Grade -HS JV Division

**9th through 12th Grade– HS Varsity Division

** Girls Open Division will consist of preformed girls teams middle school thru high school age.

The league does not place players in the open division. Individual coaches sign up as a team with their own players.

The cost per team is the same rate per player as the recreation division with an eight (8)-player minimum per team. Non-resident fees apply to all players who ARE NOT a resident of Winter Springs.

Coaches need to turn in all registration forms and payment as a team.

Adding players to your team rosters.  Rosters are frozen after the 2nd week of league play.  Once the second game is played coaches are not eligible to add players to their rosters.  If a player is added after the second week results will include forfeit of all games.

** Regulation National High School Rules Apply, which differ from our Recreation Division Rules. **